Information about data protection


Responsible for data processing

Heinrich Krobbach, Usinger Str. 6, 60389 Frankfurt

Tel. +49 69 90474371, Mail:


Data Collection when visiting the website

We, the website operator or website provider, collect data on access to the website on the basis of our legitimate interest (see Article 6 paragraph (1) lit. DSGVO) and save it as "server log files" on the server of the website. The following data is logged:

The server log files are stored for a maximum of 30 days and then deleted. The storage of the data is done for security reasons, e.g. to clarify cases of abuse. If data must be revoked for reasons of proof of evidence, they are excluded from the deletion until the incident has been finally clarified.

When visiting my website, the date, IP, host, TLD, browser, browser resolution, and pageviews are logged. The individual records (including the IP) are automatically deleted monthly. Only the totals of the data relating to one month remain stored.

Using the link to my Facebook page

You need to be alert that Facebook collects data from you when you visit a page. The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook, as well as your rights in this regard and setting options for the protection of your privacy can be found in the Facebook privacy policy.

Using the link to Google Maps

You need to be alert that Google collects data from you when you visit Google Maps. For more information see Google Privacy Policy.


Data collection for bookings and inquiries


Which data is stored?

I store the following personal data of guests (including minors) of my apartment, which have been transmitted to me via forms of the website, by telephone or in writing or via bookings and inquiries from partner platforms:

First name, surname, date of birth, country, postal code, place of residence, street, house number and as far as communicated telephone, mobile phone, fax, E-Mail as well as the contract data (period of stay, rental price).

For inquiries about my apartment I store first name, name, country, origin of the request (own website, partner platform) and email address.



This data is used to process the rental of my apartment by the holiday guest. This includes the dispatch of the booking confirmation and the invoice, the contact with the holiday guest for the clarification of questions and the fulfilment of the obligation to register, as well as the storage and proof obligations to the tax authorities.


Processing / Storage Locations of the Data

The electronic storage of the data takes place in databases and file systems

• A web service provider

• A hosted Exchange provider (mail traffic)

• A cloud provider

In all cases the server location is in Germany.

An order processing contract according to Art. 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation is concluded with these companies.

The data is also stored or stored in file systems and mailboxes of the computer and on paper in folders. Only the person responsible for data processing has access to this.

The billing details of the holiday guest are forwarded to an Austrian tax office on paper for the purpose of tax return. They will be returned to me after receipt of the tax assessment and will be obliterated after a period of 7 years.

The custodians of my apartment receive the contact details in order to organize the reception of the holiday guest. In the case of cash payment of the guest they receive the billing information. They delete them immediately after the end of the stay.

According to the registration and tourism law, I am obliged to provide information to the registration office of the city of Gmunden. I therefor process first name, surname, postal address and dates of birth of the holiday guests in electronic form to them.

No data will be transmitted to a country outside the European Union.


Retention period, deletion of data

Due to the obligation to provide proof to the Austrian tax authorities, data of guests are stored for the legal period of 7 years. Thereafter, the first name, name, postal code, place of residence, street, house number and, as far as communicated, telephone, mobile phone, fax, e-mail are deleted from all storage locations. The date of stay, the date of birth and the country of the guests remain stored for own statistics purposes. These data are then anonymized, so they can no longer be assigned to a person.

In case of requests, the first name, name, email address of the requestor will be deleted from all storage locations after one calendar year. Only the date of the request, the origin of the request (own website, partner platform) and the country of the requestor are stored anonymously for statistical purposes.


Information and complaints

At any time you have the right to receive information about your data stored by me.

In case of complaint about the storage of your data, you may submit this to the Data Protection Authority:

The Hessian Data Protection Officer, Prof. Dr. Michael Ronellenfitsch

Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 1, 65189 Wiesbaden

Telefon: 06 11/140 80

Telefax: 06 11/14 08-900 oder 901